Trump and Clinton Continue to Offer Very Differing Approaches to Campaigning

Blake Rutherford
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Blake Rutherford, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies group, joined "Making Money with Charles Payne" on Fox Business News to discuss the presidential campaign and recent developments related to Trump's social media antics and Hillary Clinton's campaign approach. Blake commented on the problems that Trump's Twitter use has caused, saying that his constant presence on Twitter detracts from his ability to concentrate on the actual issues of the campaign that could distinguish him from Hillary Clinton. "Donald Trump is the most undisciplined nominee in the history of presidential politics," said Blake. "[He] ought to focus on getting Twitter off his mobile phone and instead get focused on the issues that are important in this campaign."

Blake then discussed Hillary Clinton’s recent $80 million ad buy spend and use of campaign resources. When asked if the campaign’s recent decisions indicate overconfidence, Blake disagreed, asserting that her strategy demonstrates a “concerted effort to not only engage in an effective paid advertising campaign but also a grassroots mobilization campaign and a digital outreach campaign that is going to win this election in November.” Blake also refuted alleged concerns that Hillary Clinton will not raise adequate funds to remain competitive, explaining, “She’s organized in every battleground state; Donald Trump is not. She’s up on the air in every battleground state; Donald Trump is not. What you’re seeing from the Clinton campaign is a commitment to win this race on the ground. My home state of Pennsylvania is a great example of where ground game is going to make a very big difference. Donald Trump is simply not organized there. She’s putting the resources that she raised into the battleground states. Twitter is just not going to be enough for Donald Trump to win.”

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