A Look at the Complexities of the Presidential Transition Process [CNN]

Howard Schweitzer

Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, appeared on “CNN Newsroom” with Brooke Baldwin to discuss President-elect Trump’s transition into the White House, as well as his possible administration picks. Howard advised people not to expect a smooth, flawless hand-off between administrations. “Transitions are by definition challenging and difficult … fundamentally what’s happening is the incoming administration is, and should be, arguing and debating appointees, policies — and I think that’s what we’re seeing,” he explained. The panel also conversed about who would lead in the appointing process. “Trump’s going to make the call,” Howard stated. “I mean yes, Pence is playing a role, perhaps a larger role than other vice presidents have played in the past, but in the end of the day there’s no question Trump is going to make these choices. He’s the chief executive; I think he’s going to bring that mentality to the job. He’s going to look to his people to present options to him and then he’s going to make the call.” View the full clip here.