Clinton Email Issues Overstated Again with Immunity Deal [Fox Business News]

Mark Alderman

Mark Alderman appeared on Fox News' "Making Money with Charles Payne" to discuss the Cheryl Mills immunity deal and the continuing controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails. Defending Clinton and the FBI’s investigation of the matter, Mark said, “What is happening is that the FBI, an institution that I and the American people trust, and its director, who I and the American people trust, are releasing in a very responsible and orderly matter its investigation.” When pressed on the immunity deal, Mark responded, “It is an ordinary step. I have handled these investigations. If you believe that the FBI director rigged this then everything you hear is going to sound wrong. I don’t think that happened.” View the full clip here.

Mark also offered his input in a discussion focusing on the first debate and its potential to dramatically affect the direction of the race. Mark advised that Clinton needs to “tell people what she is going to do for them as president of the United States and seal the deal.” He also added that she can overcome the trust hurdle by showing a more sincere and human side. “Stop playing lawyer; talk straight to the American people; tell them why she cares and why she wants to be president.” View the full clip here.