Clinton's Polling Lead and Trump's Pennsylvania Prerogative [Fox Business News]

Mark Alderman

Mark Alderman appeared on Fox News’ “After the Bell” to discuss the candidates’ standings and newly emerging battleground states. First addressing whether the controversy surrounding Clinton’s health and the “basket of deplorables" commentary will shrink her lead in the polls, Mark said, “I would still rather be her than him. She’s still ahead in the average in all the polls and has a ground game that’s worth two points. The map is also very friendly and trends blue. But having said all of that, it’ll get tighter, and she has to stop lawyering this stuff. She has to talk straight to the American people – tell them what’s going on, and I think she will be fine.” View the full clip here.

In the next segment, which focused on the tightening contest between the candidates in various states, Mark was asked to recommend which state the Trump campaign should focus on leading up to election day. Mark said that Pennsylvania was critical, adding that “without Pennsylvania, the path for Donald Trump to 270 is nearly impossible. He’s got to run the table of North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and maybe Wisconsin or Michigan, or more. So when Pennsylvania goes early on election night for Secretary Clinton, I think that’s the ballgame.” View the full second segment here