FBI Concludes No New Charges to Be Filed from Latest Clinton E-mail Probe [Fox Business News]

Blake Rutherford
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While appearing on Fox Business News’ “Making Money with Charles Payne,” Blake Rutherford, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies, commented on the findings of the FBI throughout their second investigation. “The Clinton Campaign, from the very beginning, said there’s nothing in these emails; we don’t expect there to be anything, so in a lot of ways the Comey letter is no news to them because it’s exactly what they knew,” Blake reminded Charles. He also reassured the panel that the FBI’s investigation has not affected enthusiasm for Clinton, especially in key battleground states. “There’s not early voting in Pennsylvania but there is a lot of enthusiasm building for Hillary Clinton. Walk the streets of Center City Philadelphia, you’ll see Clinton supporters out, hundreds of them, canvassing.” Click here to view the full clip.