Millennials Protesting Trump Receive Criticism for Lenient Treatment [Fox Business News]

Blake Rutherford
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Blake Rutherford, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies, appeared on Fox Business News’ “After the Bell” to discuss the recent protests against President-elect Trump. In addition to the protestors, college professors and teachers’ unions have received condemnation for encouraging the millennials’ objections. When asked whether students would receive similar sympathy had Hillary Clinton been victorious on Election Day, Blake commented on the disconcerted state of the country following this decision. “I’m not entirely sure what would happen. I think we have to consider this in a context of what is happening. Certainly, there’s some frustration; there’s a lot of emotion coming out of this election,” he said. He also spoke about the need of protestors, especially young people, to express their unrest. “I think that’s what we’re seeing here. We’re seeing some of that emotion being exercised; I think people are frustrated at the uncertainty of what President Trump may deliver based on the rhetoric of his campaign,” Blake indicated. Click here to view the full clip.