Pa. Firm Leaders: Election Will Increase Firm Work, but How?

Howard Schweitzer

Michael Heller and Howard Schweitzer both discuss how the election will increase firm work in The Legal Intelligencer. Law firm leaders named several practice areas that are likely to see an uptick once the new president, senators, and representatives take their positions, including health care, financial services, transportation, international trade and tax practices. "The problem with anticipating this from a lawyer perspective is [Trump] didn't really come out and identify any true policies. … You don't know what his policies are going to be," said Michael. "Until you get a sense of where his policies are, I think it's going to be difficult for law firms to make true, intelligent assessments." Howard said the election results have implications "across the full spectrum of practices." The regulatory landscape will likely change, he said, but law firms still have some time to figure out exactly how to guide their clients. "There's going to be an unwinding of much of what [President Barack Obama's] administration has done, but that's extremely difficult to do," Howard said.

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