Tape Purportedly Shows Former Democratic Operative Promoting Voter Fraud [Fox Business News]

Blake Rutherford
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While appearing on Fox Business News’ “Making Money with Charles Payne,” Blake Rutherford, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies,  contributed to a discussion about a former democratic operative subcontracted by the Democratic National Committee who allegedly spoke about justification for potential voter fraud. Blake warned of the suspicious origin of the audio clip. “I think we have to consider the source; the source here has a history of manipulating video,” he said. He also advised the panel not to immediately draw connections between the operative’s words and the democratic candidate’s campaign. “When you have a political operative who says something foolish I don’t think we need to necessarily make the very long leap that somehow the Clinton Campaign condones or supports any of that activity to the extent that activity is actually true,” Blake clarified. Click here to view the entire clip.