Trump Further Disgruntles Wall Street with Latest Policy Proposal

Howard Schweitzer

Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, discusses the inclusion of the historically anti-Wall Street 1933 Glass-Steagall Act in the GOP platform with the Washington Post. Although this currently repealed law has traditionally been supported by the left due its aim to splinter big banks, the Republican Party called for its reinstatement as part of its official policy positions announced during the convention in Cleveland. The article states that this further isolates the Trump campaign from the financial industry. Commenting on the deepening divide, Howard says that “the distancing reflects Trump’s swipes at Wall Street and positions on free trade and immigration, which have alarmed finance-industry leaders.” He also notes, “People assume because he resides in New York that he’s cozy with Wall Street, and he just isn’t.” To read the full article, click here.