Trump Slams Voter Fraud and Media Bias in Days Leading Up to Election [Fox Business News]

Mark Alderman

Democratic strategist and chair of Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies, Mark Aldermanappeared on Fox News' "Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss Donald Trump’s criticism of America’s democratic system. The Republican candidate’s allegations of a skewed election are gaining traction just days before Election Day. Mark described why such assertions are detrimental to the country’s democracy. “This is dangerous demagoguery, it’s desperate and it does a disservice to democracy and all voters including Donald Trump’s,” he specified. He also dismissed claims about media bias contributing to what Trump calls a rigged system. Mark added, “The media is all over the place but it’s not rigged and it’s not skewed and it does a tremendous disservice to the democracy in this country before the votes are cast, before the votes are counted to already be declaring the election rigged.” Click here to view the full clip.