Schweitzer Quoted in Inside Counsel on Crisis Communication Management

Howard Schweitzer

In the article, “Deflecting Disaster: What You Can Do To Protect Your Company Before A Crisis Strikes,” Howard Schweitzer, a member in the firm’s Washington, D.C., office, talks about GC’s roles in crisis communication. The article stresses the importance of putting together a crisis management plan before disaster strikes. For his part, Schweitzer notes that general counsels of companies are in a unique position to facilitate the crisis management plan. However, GC’s must walk a fine line. “They can’t be seen as shutting down the business, but they are uniquely situated to force a serious look at the risk to the company on a periodic basis.” Schweitzer also talks about putting together his own crisis management team when he was COO of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. “We looked for people willing to jump into a difficult situation who had character – risk takers with character. You need people like that running point for you when a crisis blows up.”

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