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06/30/2017 3 Provisions to Watch in the FAA Reauthorization Bills More »

06/29/2017 New DHS Security Directive Leaves Airlines Holding The Bag More »

06/06/2017 Trump Agenda In Focus: Can CEOs Remain Confident? More »

04/27/2017 Trump Returns to the NRA, Which Backed Him Early and Often in 2016 More »

04/21/2017 Paris Terror Attack Days Before French Election More »

04/11/2017 BlackRock CEO: Private Investments Trump Bonds for Infrastructure Renewal More »

04/03/2017 Trump Administration Discussion on Fox News More »

03/30/2017 Addition of “Health Policy Hand” Allison Wils Featured in National Media More »

03/30/2017 Trump's Outlook Going From Bad to Worse More »

03/28/2017 Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies Continues Growth in Washington, D.C. More »

03/17/2017 The First Hundred Days with Martha MacCallum More »

03/17/2017 Pressing Questions Answered About PA’s Cannabis Cultivation Application Process More »

03/10/2017 The First Hundred Days More »

03/10/2017 Pot of Gold: Tycoons and Others are in Frenzied Race to Win Pa. Medical Marijuana Licenses More »

02/24/2017 White House Denies Priebus Acted Inappropriately [Fox News] More »

02/17/2017 President Trump's Administration after the First Month [Fox Business] More »

02/13/2017 Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies Further Expands Pennsylvania Practice with Addition to Philadelphia Office More »

02/10/2017 Trump Frustrated with Bureaucracy of Running Washington [Fox News] More »

02/04/2017 Does Trumps Travel Ban Cause Harm to the Country? [Fox News] More »

02/02/2017 Here are 5 things President Trump can't change [The Hill] More »

02/01/2017 Trump Immigration Ban Causing Headaches for Airlines [Law360] More »

01/31/2017 Donald Trump's Early Crisis [CNN] More »

01/26/2017 Kevin Washo Quoted in Article about Women's Rights [Washington Examiner] More »

01/26/2017 Dems' $1T Infrastructure Plan Tees Up Fights Over Funding [Law360] More »

01/18/2017 Unleash the Biden [Politico Magazine] More »

01/17/2017 Democrats Boycotting Inauguration and the Media Attacks Trump [Fox Business] More »

01/16/2017 Cozen O'Connor Member Recognized for Contributions to New York by City & State More »

01/13/2017 Democratic Senate Incumbents Could Withstand Rust Belt Shift [Roll Call] More »

01/11/2017 The Real Reason Booker Testified Against Sessions [Fox Business] More »

01/07/2017 Controversy Between Mexico’s President and President Elect Trump [Fox News] More »

01/05/2017 Final Push from the Obama Administration [Washington Examiner] More »

01/04/2017 A Teachable Moment for House Republicans More »

01/02/2017 Transportation Regulation & Legislation To Watch In 2017 More »

12/29/2016 Trump Proposes Huge Changes to Transportation Infrastructure [The Bond Buyer] More »

12/22/2016 Possible Conflicts of Interest for a Trump Key Advisory Appointee [CNN] More »

12/22/2016 Conway as Counselor and an Obama Legacy [Fox Business News More »

12/16/2016 Trump Cutting Business Ties More than Unlikey [Fox Business] More »

12/13/2016 Concerns about Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State More »

12/06/2016 Howard Schweitzer Quoted by Business Insurance on Dodd-Frank Legislation More »

11/30/2016 DOT Pick Bolsters Trump's Infrastructure Commitment More »

11/30/2016 Mark Alderman Quoted in CNN Article about Trump’s Remarks on Free Speech [CNN] More »

11/29/2016 Kevin Washo Named to City and State's Inaugural 40 under 40 Rising Stars for Pennsylvania More »

11/22/2016 Trump Makes Attempt to Reset After Continued Media Pushback [Fox Business News] More »

11/22/2016 The Push for Sanctuary Campuses and Cities [Fox News] More »

11/21/2016 A Look at the Complexities of the Presidential Transition Process [CCTV News] More »

11/17/2016 Millennials Protesting Trump Receive Criticism for Lenient Treatment [Fox Business News] More »

11/16/2016 Kevin Washo's Arrival at Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies Featured in Local and National Media More »

11/16/2016 Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies Grabs DNC Host Committee Director More »

11/16/2016 Donald Trump’s Team of Bitter Rivals [CNN] More »

11/15/2016 Ken Fisher Named to Brooklyn’s Power 50 by City & State More »

11/15/2016 A Look at the Complexities of the Presidential Transition Process [CNN] More »

11/14/2016 Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies Welcomes Democratic Rising Star to Philadelphia Office More »

11/11/2016 Howard Schweitzer Quoted by CNN on Trump's National Security Approach More »

11/10/2016 Transition Team and Planning Key to President-Elect Trump's Success More »

11/10/2016 Pa. Firm Leaders: Election Will Increase Firm Work, but How? More »

11/09/2016 5 Transportation Ballot Measures Voters Gave A Green Light More »

11/09/2016 Howard Schweitzer Offers Reaction to Philadelphia Business Journal about Trump's Victory More »

11/08/2016 Bill Crowell's Addition to the Firm Mentioned in New York Law Journal More »

11/06/2016 FBI Concludes No New Charges to Be Filed from Latest Clinton E-mail Probe [Fox Business News] More »

11/05/2016 Predictions about Election Results Vary as Polls Tighten [Fox Business News] More »

11/05/2016 Stocks Drop Due to Prospect of Trump Victory [MSNBC Live] More »

11/04/2016 Candidates' Campaigns Believe Odds Are in Their Favor as Election Approaches [Fox Business News] More »

11/02/2016 Tightening Polls Make It Hard to Predict Election Results [Fox Business News] More »

11/01/2016 Blake Rutherford Named to Winners List in Philadelphia Magazine's Election Scorecard More »

10/28/2016 FBI Reopens Clinton Email Probe with Only Days until Election [Fox Business News] More »

10/27/2016 Trump Slams Voter Fraud and Media Bias in Days Leading Up to Election [Fox Business News] More »

10/18/2016 Tape Purportedly Shows Former Democratic Operative Promoting Voter Fraud [Fox Business News] More »

10/12/2016 Controversy Over Media Portrayal of Clinton WikiLeaks Documents [Fox Business News] More »

10/06/2016 Assessing the Clinton Foundation’s Role in Haiti Disaster Relief [Fox Business News] More »

10/04/2016 The Clintons on Obamacare and Anticipating the VP Candidates Strategies Prior to Debate [Fox Business News] More »

10/03/2016 Trump Defends Tax Returns While Disparaging Hillary’s Ability to Create Jobs [Fox Business News] More »

09/28/2016 Clinton Email Issues Should Be Settled by FBI and DOJ Determinations [Fox Business News] More »

09/27/2016 Clinton Wins the First Debate But Upcoming Debates are of Equal Importance [Fox Business News] More »

09/23/2016 Clinton Email Issues Overstated Again with Immunity Deal [Fox Business News] More »

09/21/2016 Blake Rutherford Appointed Special Adviser to the Office of Attorney General in Pennsylvania More »

09/20/2016 Candidates Hone Strategy in Anticipation of Awaited First Debate [Fox Business News] More »

09/13/2016 Clinton Health Concerns and Obama on the Campaign Trail [Fox Business News] More »

09/13/2016 Blake Rutherford Quoted in the Boston Globe on Clinton Surrogate Activity in Pennsylvania More »

09/12/2016 Clinton's Polling Lead and Trump's Pennsylvania Prerogative [Fox Business News] More »

09/07/2016 Repairing Temperament Perception is Key for Trump on National Security [Fox Business News] More »

09/01/2016 Both Candidates Address Supposed Campaign Inadequacies [Fox Business News] More »

09/01/2016 Trump's Immigration Plan Offers Mixed Rhetoric [Fox Business News] More »

08/31/2016 Bureaucracy, Congress and Other Presidential Obligations Not Suited for Trump [SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel] More »

08/30/2016 Trump Wants the POTUS Job Title But Not the Actual Job More »

08/29/2016 Trump Continues to Struggle in Battleground States with Lacking Ground Game More »

08/25/2016 Trump's Association with the "Alt-Right" and Shifting Immigration Stance More »

08/22/2016 Trump and Clinton Continue to Offer Very Differing Approaches to Campaigning More »

08/16/2016 Blake Rutherford Quoted in the Wall Street Journal about Clinton's Prospects in Pennsylvania More »

07/29/2016 Final Political Punchout: Anticipating Hillary's Speech More »

07/29/2016 Gotham City vs. Reaganesque Optimism More »

07/26/2016 The Biggest Speeches at the Democratic National Convention More »

07/20/2016 Melania’s Republican National Convention Speech More »

07/19/2016 Trump Further Disgruntles Wall Street with Latest Policy Proposal More »

07/19/2016 Day One of the Republican National Convention More »

07/11/2016 Pre-Conventions "Political Punchout" and Trump's Imminent VP Announcement More »

06/27/2016 Real Issues or Political Posturing? US's "Brexit" and Clinton Controversies More »

06/20/2016 Will Firing His Campaign Manager Help or Hurt the Trump Campaign? More »

06/07/2016 Mark Alderman and Jim Schultz Debate Presidential Politics on NBC10 News More »

06/06/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses Clinton’s Media Woes in U.S. News & World Report More »

06/06/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Sanders Campaign’s Future on After the Bell More »

05/31/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses A Third Party Candidate on After the Bell More »

05/31/2016 Howard Schweitzer Discusses the U.S. State Department Report on POTUS Politics More »

05/31/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the California Primary on CNBC More »

05/31/2016 Howard Schweitzer Says Clinton Emails Are Wholly Different Than Predecessors More »

05/25/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses Allegations Against Governor McAuliffe More »

05/24/2016 Mark Alderman Says Trump is an Advantage for Democrats More »

05/18/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Uncivil War amongst Democrats More »

05/18/2016 Mark Alderman Says Bernie Sanders Is Running Out of Time in U.S. News & World Report More »

05/18/2016 Mark Alderman Says Sanders Campaign Needs to Move On More »

05/12/2016 Howard Schweitzer Discusses the Latest Obamacare Ruling and Trump Research on Newsmax Prime More »

05/11/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Political Response to Donald Trump on Newsmax Prime More »

05/02/2016 Howard Schweitzer Discusses Indiana’s Primary Race More »

04/20/2016 Mark Alderman Returns to After the Bell to Discuss the New York Primary Results More »

04/15/2016 What Hillary Could Learn from Jimmy Carter [The Washington Examiner] More »

04/14/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the New York Democratic Primary on After the Bell More »

04/13/2016 Ken Fisher Discusses New York Primaries Past and Present on CNN More »

04/12/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses Paul Ryan’s Disinterest in GOP Nomination More »

04/08/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Democratic Primary in Wisconsin More »

03/23/2016 Mark Alderman Analyzes Voter Impressions on Newsmax Prime More »

03/18/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Presidential Election on Fox Business More »

03/16/2016 Mark Alderman Discusses the Primary Campaigns on Newsmax Prime More »

02/23/2015 Mark Alderman Discusses 2016 DNC Convention with Law360 More »

02/02/2015 Glaser Joins Cozen O’Connor’s Public Strategies Group More »

12/10/2013 Where Mayor Bloomberg Finishes, de Blasio Begins More »

11/15/2013 New ACA Developments Affecting Individual Coverage & Cancellations More »

07/16/2013 Stuart Shorenstein, Head of CPS New York, Named “Manhattan Democrat of the Year” More »

03/07/2013 CPS Principals Howard Schweitzer, Mark Alderman, & Colin Roskey featured in Legal Bisnow More »

02/06/2013 Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies Adds Jim Davis in Harrisburg and Colin Roskey in D.C., Philadelphia More »

9/27/2012 National Elections Amidst Increasing Uncertainty More »

11/23/2011 Mark Alderman To Be Appointed to Advisory Board of National Air and Space Museum More »

08/09/2011 Debt Ceiling Post Mortem and the S&P Downgrade, What Does it Mean? More »

07/29/2011 The Debt Ceiling Crisis: Real Time Analysis More »

07/13/2011 Mark Alderman Appointed To NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange Board Of Directors More »

01/05/2011 Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies Adds Deborah Alford Hamilton in Delaware More »

09/09/2010 Schweitzer Quoted in Inside Counsel on Crisis Communication Management More »

08/14/2010 Ken Fisher Interviewed More »

04/17/2010 NJRPA Service Award More »

03/01/2010 "One on One" Event A Success More »

10/04/2009 The Editor of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Kenneth Fisher and William Rosoff More »

06/18/2009 Patrick J. O’Connor Elected Chairman of Temple Board of Trustees More »