Monitoring and Analysis

Knowledge is power. Advance knowledge is a super-power. That is why policy monitoring and analysis makes everything we do all the more effective. Whether we are building political visibility, lobbying against proposed regulations, or promoting a new piece of legislation, success begins with the ability to collect the right information, and put it in context.

Policy Monitoring

Vigilant monitoring requires the best of human antennae; our people are recognized authorities in a range of policy areas, including health, transportation, technology, education, and finance, and they are supported by dedicated research staff who can dig deep and distill in these areas, and more.

Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies also monitors statutory and regulatory activity on the state and federal level, on a daily basis, using congressional and agency publications, proprietary information technology, social media trackers, and subscription news services. Our team members will fact check to independently verify reports, and are a constant, vigilant presence at congressional hearings, meetings, and policy events.

But gleaning is just the beginning. Our ability to connect the dots is where the ultimate value to our clients comes shining through at its brightest.

Policy Analysis

Clients don’t just need to know what happened; they need to know why it matters. A critical aspect of our work is providing clients with regular analytics that put events in context and elucidate their significance. Our insight engine helps clients anticipate issues and opportunities; together we develop constructive responses to current developments.

Policy Materials

In addition to periodic internal reports, our professionals are adept at producing a variety of external policy-related materials. We regularly help clients prepare white papers, legislative proposals, draft amendments, comments, media talking points, congressional testimony, and responses to governmental requests for information.

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