Procurements, Grants and Loans

Competition for government funds is ferocious. That’s because – especially now - the opportunities are vast for those who can seize them. With half a trillion in procurement dollars - and hundreds of billions more in grants and loans – getting to the head of the queue requires a nuanced understanding of the process, and true bi-partisan credibility.

Government Does Pick Winners.

Companies who see government not just as a regulator, but also as a customer, investor, and financier have a distinct advantage.

Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies successfully guides companies through the complex process of obtaining government contracts, grants, and loans at the federal, state, and local levels. Given the range of barriers to access, this is among the most complex and important services we provide. The application process is bureaucratic. Reviews get mired in red tape. The smallest missed detail can have devastating consequences. Getting to the goal line for our clients is a repeatable accomplishment our team takes great pride in. It’s part of helping them win in the fierce competition of ideas.

These are the three fundamentals of successful procurement.


We help clients identify opportunities at every level of government. We know which members have discretionary funds to allocate, what legislative or executive decisions will ultimately lead to new funding, and when programs are likely to be renewed.

Three-letter agencies spell success for our clients. We have helped them gain access to funds through the federal departments of Transportation, Energy, Defense, Health and Human Services, and Veterans Affairs – as well as the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and Small Business Administration.

We have also made it possible for clients to obtain funding from state and local government entities, and quasi-government authorities across the country.

Application Stewardship.

We have a process for monitoring and tracking funding pipelines, which enables us to position clients for success well before an application is submitted – and often before a potential funding opportunity is even formally announced.

Because our public strategies professionals have held agency procurement positions, written RFPs, and made award decisions themselves, we deeply understand the idiosyncrasies of agency procurement processes and what drives purchasing decisions. Of course, price, quality, contract terms, and applicant criteria matter – but so do the intangibles. Our holistic perspective empowers our clients to present themselves in the most persuasive contexts.

Ongoing Advocacy

Work doesn’t stop when proposals are submitted. We help clients quickly resolve the many issues that typically emerge during the application or funding process.

Should disputes arise, in the course of adjudicating them we are acutely sensitive to the importance of preserving good government relations for the future. Our professionals always proceed with tact, probity, and good humor – none of which should be confused with servility.

Our professionals will vigorously defend client interests and have successfully won full payment of promised awards, fair consideration for new proposals and applications, and adherence to contract terms and conditions.

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