State & Local Lobbying

While the fundamentals of advocacy are the same on the local, state, and federal levels, success in the tight-knit world of state capitols and city halls cannot be achieved by putting a Washington lobbyist on the occasional red-eye out of Reagan National - and expecting results.

Services as Diverse — and Dispersed — as Our Client’s Needs

We know that truly effective state and local representation requires day-to-day, on-the-ground, face-to-face respect and engagement. That takes advocates who know the history, politics, and culture of the local jurisdictions they serve; those who have earned the trust, confidence, and respect of local officials.

Our team members at Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies have been working in state capitals and major cities for decades. Many have held top in-house government affairs positions with major corporations and associations. They know how government works because they have served – as high-level appointees in Republican and Democratic administrations, senior staff to members of Congress and congressional committees, advisors on presidential and gubernatorial campaigns and transition teams – and as elected officials.

The public voted for them long before our clients did.

Through strategic hiring and smart collaboration, we have built the capacity to serve clients in all regions. We have a well-developed national network of consultant relationships. We are an affiliate of an Am-Law 100 law firm – Cozen O’Connor – with 31 offices throughout the U.S and Canada, and a nationally renowned State Attorneys General practice with a 50-state reach.

Our advocates offer services as diverse as our clients’ needs: policy analysis and monitoring; legislative and executive lobbying; coalition building and grassroots advocacy; and all manners of crisis management.

We also participate actively in key organizations, including the Republican and Democratic Governors Associations, United States Conference of Mayors, National Conference of State Legislatures, and National Association of Attorneys General.

National Advocacy Practice

We are superbly equipped to represent clients who need targeted national support. We work alongside an unequalled state attorneys general practice, supplemented by a strong governors practice.

State Governors Practice

Strategic advising that is national in scope.

To be effective on the state and local lobbying level requires a commitment to building teams of substantive, accomplished professionals who deliver day-to-day, on-the-ground results.

Our people have been working in state capitals and major cities - for decades - with deep knowledge of their history, politics, and culture - which has earned respect at every level. Our memberships with the NGA, DGA and RGA, enable us to represent - and advocate on behalf of - our clients before Democratic and Republican governors across the country.

State Attorneys General Practice

As Attorneys General have become more active - with increased impact on our clients - the fact that we work hand-in-hand with the nation's preeminent state attorneys general practice amplifies the effectiveness of our advocacy work.

Our ability to assist with regulatory and government issues across the country is unequalled, no matter how complex the legal, policy, and regulatory situation may be.

Recent Work

Advising several companies and non-profits in the medical marijuana industry on regulation and licensing, and advancing the legalization of their products before the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Recent Work

Advising one of the largest publicly traded real estate companies in the United States with a core focus in Philadelphia on issues related to train station development in the Northeast Corridor.

Recent Work

Advocating to roll back commercial trucking tolls on a New York-area bridge that were adversely affecting enterprise at New York’s only container port.

Recent Work

Represented public access channels in negotiations with Verizon franchisees and Time Warner Cable-only nationwide agreements.

Recent Work

Secured $34.25 million in public funding in New York City’s FY19 Budget for 23 non-profit clients, including the Whitney Museum, New York University, The Intrepid Museum, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, City Parks Foundation, and Alvin Ailey, as well as number social service and smaller arts organizations. The funding includes more than $26 million in capital funding for construction and large equipment purchases and more than $8 million in expense dollars to support diverse program funding for all five boroughs. Our budget lobbying efforts involved identifying eligible projects, drafting compelling narratives that were presented to key decision-makers, and months of constant advocacy by our team. The resulting funding will benefit thousands of people who use and enjoy the mission-driven organizations we represented.

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