Built for Success in a World of Profound Change.

Our robust DC presence is complemented by significant state and local practices in both capitals and major cities. Combined with a governors practice and one of the largest state attorneys general practices in the country – we enable client success in Beltway complexity and local realities.

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Our people are practical, persuasive and deeply informed. Our culture is collaborative. We are deeply engaged with clients, making us the first call and the second opinion.

Meet our Team

Our DNA is bipartisan. What our team accomplishes for their clients is always impressive and sometimes miraculous. We all believe that unless we can make government work, we will leave our kids a mess.

About Us

Deep Capabilities, Integrated at Scale

Today’s interlocking world of stakeholder complexities requires both point solutions and the convergence of skills and talents across all regions.

About Our Capabilities

Our Federal Work

Our respected and established presence means that our clients benefit from our insights into the dynamic movements of the legislative and executive branches. We deliver results in policy-making and regulatory decisions from sweeping to arcane.

Our State and Local Work

Beyond a robust presence in three of America's six largest cities, we bring substantive impact to virtually any jurisdiction. Combined with our federal team, this is collective firepower on the highest level.

National Advocacy Practice

We are superbly equipped to represent clients who need targeted national support. We work alongside an unequalled state attorneys general practice, supplemented by a strong governors practice.

Strategic Communications/Reputation Management

We provide strategic communications counsel to clients, promoting their business interests and protecting their reputation. Our work is seamlessly integrated with clients’ legal and/or legislative strategies, providing comprehensive results.”

Our Clients Choose Carefully

Our diverse clients look to us as strategic advisors who bring governmental understanding and business intelligence to their most important enterprise conversations.

Sometimes they need to change the context. Other times the status quo is the goal.

We represent corporations of all sizes; non-profit institutions; national trade associations; and high-profile individuals. We are fluent in many sectors, including healthcare, infrastructure, communications, education, technology, privacy and data security, energy, real estate, entertainment, financial services, trade, and hospitality. We protect and advance the interests of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to ambitious start-ups in the public sphere, with all stakeholders.

Winning Edge Content

From our Beltway Briefing podcast and Cozen Currents weekly newsletter, to local insights from the hot center of the action, our team turns their front-page positions into your Winning Edge opportunities.

Beltway Briefing Podcast

Everyone has access to the same news each week. We snap it into fresh meaning on the Beltway Briefing. That’s your Winning Edge.

Listen for of-the-moment insider insights, framed by the rapidly changing social and cultural forces that shape political outcomes. Always bipartisan, never predictable. Featuring Patrick Martin, Towner French, and Kaitlyn Martin who mix it up with hosts Howard Schweitzer and Mark Alderman.

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Navigating K-Street for the C-Suite

A weekly report that elucidates three thematic drivers of the political calculus and draws out their implications with unblinking insights. Always top-of-the-inbox reading.

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Only true insiders can deliver this kind of invaluable local newsgathering, delivered with coffee-shop local intimacy.