After 10-Year Saga, Judge’s Delay Keeps Senior Housing Unbuilt

January 19, 2022

Ken Fisher is quoted in an article in The Real Deal about New York City’s development of an affordable housing complex for seniors at the site of Elizabeth Street Garden. The project was approved by the city 30 months ago and the next step will be determined by a decision from the court in a pending lawsuit.

“The last year of living under the specter of the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the pressing need for housing like that proposed in the development at issue,” Ken stated.

Elizabeth Street Garden has been controversial since former City Council member Margaret Chin saw potential in this space 10 years ago to address the housing crisis in the city. At the time, the space was occupied by a local gallerist. When the city approved the Green Haven proposal by developer Pennrose in 2019, the gallerist formed a nonprofit and sued the city as an attempt to halt the project. When the gallerist passed away last May, the nonprofit was served with an eviction notice and a termination of the lease, which the family called “an attempt to circumvent the case.”

It has been 13 months since argument in this matter, and the city is still waiting on a ruling from the court.

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