Broad Street Brief: United Way and Local Legal Associations Host Free “Clean Slate” Clinics

June 2, 2022

City Hall

United Way and Local Legal Associations Host Free “Clean Slate” Clinics

The United Way is hosting free legal clinics that will help eligible Philadelphians expunge their records of certain offenses; this could help open up employment and educational opportunities. Pennsylvania’s clean slate law allows for convictions to be cleared after 10 years and non-convictions after 60 days. However, the process requires legal assistance that can be costly. The clinics will be hosted in different locations across Philadelphia.

Renters Now Facing same Competitive Market as Home Buyers

A general shortage of rental properties in the Philadelphia area means those looking to rent are facing an ever more competitive market, and some longtime renters are seeing their monthly rates increase significantly. Some prospective tenants are now offering above-advertised rates for rentals, sometimes paying hundreds more a month to secure units in short supply.

Democrats Shift Away from “Defund Police” Messaging

Some Philadelphia-area Democrats are moving away from “defund the police” messaging and platforms two years after the death of George Floyd, following a nationwide trend toward policies that call for additional police funding. But while some see the shift as a response to record-setting violence in the city, attempts to label progressive elected officials as “soft on crime” have yet to result in incumbent losses.

Council to Consider Two Bills Designed to Add Protections for Airport Workers

Philadelphia City Council will soon consider two bills that will increase protections for workers at the Philadelphia International Airport. One such bill, introduced by Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, will tie airport labor agreements to the city’s prevailing wage regulations. A second bill, introduced by Councilmember Mark Squilla, will extend city displaced contract worker protections to people working at the airport.

Parker Introduces Bill Allowing Special Exemptions to Retirement Benefits for Rehired City Workers

Council Majority Leader Cherelle Parker introduced a bill that would allow retired city employees who are rehired for extraordinary reasons to not have their retirement benefits suspended or otherwise changed. The move comes after Philadelphia officials said the police department would look to hire retired officers to plug staff shortages.

Changes to Tax Law Could Exclude Certain Intangible Property from Taxation

tax change proposed by Councilmembers Clarke and Parker would exempt the “sale, lease or license of intangible property” from taxation if it is used outside of the city limits. Intangible property includes intellectual property, brand assets, and computer software.

Upcoming Hearings

Philadelphia City Council holds several hearings throughout the legislative calendar. You can watch the hearings here.

  • On Tuesday, June 7 at 4:00 p.m., the Committee on Licenses and Inspections will hold a hearing on fire suppression systems.

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