Illinois Insights: An Update from Cozen O’Connor (5/1)

May 1, 2024



Bears might need new playbook for initial lakefront stadium huddle with Pritzker aides

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker has repeatedly voiced skepticism over the Bears’ stadium plans, which include public subsidies. On Wednesday, the team will meet with two top Pritzker staffers,” by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Illinois Dems preparing to be example of Democratic successes, supporters of free speech at convention  

“The Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) convened on Monday to round out the 178 delegates who will represent Illinois Democrats at the DNC on Aug. 19-22. The party chose statewide or other elected officials holding major offices to fill out the slate in addition to delegates selected by the Biden campaign. Gov. JB Pritzker and DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez will be co-chairs of Illinois’ delegation,” by The Daily Line.

As White Castle pays up, the Legislature considers tweaking Illinois’ biometric privacy law

“Legislators are considering whether to change the law to prevent fines from accumulating every time biometric information, such as a fingerprint, was collected, instead focusing on the number of individuals impacted. Proposed legislation also would allow for workers or customers to provide consent electronically,” by Crain’s Chicago Business.

Springfield taking cautious approach with Tier 2 pension changes, avoiding sweeteners

“While state lawmakers have held committee hearings this session examining issues with Tier 2 benefits, they’re not likely to vote on any legislation before the session ends in May,” by Crain’s Chicago Business.

State lawmakers propose Chicagoland transit agency consolidation days after Civic Federation report calls for same reform

“State lawmakers are proposing to consolidate the region’s four mass transit agencies into a single entity. The push comes after the Civic Federation released a report last week that calls on the state to tie future financial support for the northeastern Illinois transit agencies — the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace — to reforms of the agencies’ structure and governance, specifically their centralization into one agency,” by The Daily Line.

Natural gas limits on buildings, push toward more EVs top priorities for environmental groups 

“With the state’s major climate law now almost three years old, Illinois environmental leaders are setting their sights on new targets to achieve the spirit of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) by pushing new policies to limit natural gas use in buildings and get more drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles,” by The Daily Line.


Mayor Brandon Johnson names 7 members to serve on Chicago’s permanent police oversight commission

On Tuesday, Mayor Brandon Johnson named seven Chicago residents to serve on the permanent panel for civilian oversight of the Chicago Police Department.

His picks include Anthony Driver Jr., who serves as president of the interim commission, and Remel Terry, interim vice president of Chicago’s Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability.

They will be joined by attorney and executive board president of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Sandra Wortham, as well as Aaron Gottlieb, Abierre Minor, Angel Rubi Navarijo, and Kelly Presley.

Johnson’s picks must be confirmed by the Chicago City Council. The names are set to be formally introduced on May 22 and could be voted on by the full City Council as soon as June.


Johnson to relaunch guaranteed basic income program to use up federal COVID-19 funds

“Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration will relaunch a popular guaranteed income pilot that has provided $500 monthly payments to low-income residents, as the city works to spend federal COVID-19 relief funding to avoid having to return it to the feds. The relaunch was announced as part of the administration’s plan to dedicate and spend more than $374 million in federal funds earmarked for community projects,” by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Council committees to hold hearings on summer safety planning, lowering default speed limit

“The City Council Committee on Public Safety will meet Wednesday to discuss public safety and emergency preparedness plans for the coming summer, and the council’s pedestrian and traffic safety committee will hold a subject matter hearing on lowering the city’s default speed limit, a discussion postponed a few weeks ago,” by The Daily Line.

Bargaining Underway as CPS, CTU Work Toward New Teachers Contract

“Officials from the union and Chicago Public Schools began talks this week as the sides work to secure the first new teachers contract since former CTU organizer and educator Brandon Johnson was elected mayor,” by WTTW.


Cozen Currents: Biden’s Second Wind

Democrats would have to run the board in a bunch of vulnerable races to maintain control of the Senate. Although unlikely, it’s not impossible, as Republicans proved in the midterm elections.

Pennsylvania has the most electoral votes of any battleground state up for grabs in this year’s presidential election and is a must-win for President Biden.

With a May 10th deadline looming, Congress is looking to finally pass a five-year reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration. Still, unresolved issues remain, and lawmakers looking to use the measure as a vehicle for their pet provisions are further complicating the efforts.

Read the Cozen Currents article here.

Beltway Briefing: Hold Your Nose & Vote

In recent years, the Philadelphia suburbs have emerged as a bellwether for presidential elections. With national voter enthusiasm at an all-time low, is the commonwealth’s senate race overshadowing the presidential election? The fate of the nation hangs on the smallest shifts in historical voter demographics, encompassing critical issues such as the border crisis and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Listen to the Beltway Briefing here.

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