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March 11, 2024

City Planning Commission Advances “City of Yes for Economic Opportunity”

The City Planning Commission voted to advance a zoning text amendment known as the “City of Yes for Economic Opportunity.” The proposed changes include 18 changes to current rules, designed to make it easier for small businesses to operate. The proposals include allowing “clean manufacturing” businesses to operate in commercial districts, expanding the number of businesses allowed to operate on higher floors of buildings, permitting indoor agriculture in commercial areas, allowing corner businesses to operate in residential zones, and permitting life sciences labs to expand near hospitals. 32 of the City’s 59 Community Boards voted against the plan, prompting changes incorporated into the final proposed rules. The Council will now hold a hearing and vote on the proposed changes in the coming months.

NYC Council Passes and Introduces Legislation

The NYC Council recently convened Stated meetings, where they passed, introduced, and re-introduced multiple pieces of legislation. The Council passed legislation requiring owners of parking garages to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment in 20% of parking spots. The Council introduced legislation requiring DOE to ensure that all public school students receive three hours of art and music education every week and creating a historic and cultural marker program. The Council also introduced two bills prohibiting employers from entering into non-compete agreements, and a bill requiring city contractors to hire an MWBE consultant for every contract over $10M. Bills were introduced prohibiting city agencies from imposing limits on the length of stay in a shelter, and requiring the City to develop a methodology for calculating the indirect costs of providing human services on city contracts. The Council also reintroduced several bills from the previous session, including a bill making the use of biometric recognition technology unlawful in places of public accommodation. You can find all of the legislation that was passed and introduced here.

LinkLocal for Non-Profits

During the month of March, LinkNYC is running a promotion for all non-profit organizations. All non-profits are able to advertise their organization on four Link kiosks free of charge for 30 days. The form to apply is available here.


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