New York Note – Council Override, Dining Out NYC, Admin Appointments

February 5, 2024

Council Overrides Mayoral Vetoes

Last Tuesday, the NYC Council voted to override Mayor Adams’ vetoes on the How Many Stops Act and a ban on solitary confinement in city jails. The How Many Stops Act will require police officers to document more encounters with civilians. Councilmembers have stated that the police reporting bill adds transparency and accountability to the NYPD, while Mayor Adams argued that the bill would burden police officers with administrative work and make the City less safe. Speaker Adams noted that the Council was proud to override these vetoes. The legislation has a six-month implementation window before taking effect.

Dining Out NYC Rules Finalized

The final rules for New York City’s permanent outdoor dining program, “Dining Out NYC,” have been released. The program and applications for restaurants will officially launch in March. Under the new rules, outdoor dining will be permitted year-round on the sidewalk and in the roadway between April and November. The new program creates a new fee structure, with rates varying by location and setup size. The full rules and more information are available here.

Governor Hochul Announces New Administration Appointments

Governor Hochul has named several new appointments to her administration. She named Ivan Acosta as Deputy Chief of Staff, Robert Calarco as Assistant Secretary for Long Island Intergovernmental Affairs, Shanna Cassidy as Assistant Secretary to the Governor, Colleen Deacon as Deputy Secretary for Upstate Intergovernmental Affairs, and Daniel Dornbaum as Assistant Secretary to the Governor, among others.


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