New York Note – Legislative Session, Court of Claims, FEMA Funding

June 12, 2023

State Session Concludes

The New York State Legislature has formally concluded session for 2023. Notably, the legislature and Governor Hochul failed to reach a compromise on the state’s affordable housing crisis. In the final hours of session, the legislature passed the Clean Slate Act, the Wrongful Death Act, a bill creating a commission to study reparations for Black New Yorkers, and changes to campaign finance and local elections. Though both houses have formally adjourned, Assemblymembers are expected back in the “near future” to complete unfinished legislative work.

NYC to Receive Over $100M from FEMA for Asylum Seekers

New York City will be receiving $104.6 million in federal funds toward the cost of housing asylum seekers. Over 72,000 asylum seekers have come to NYC since last spring, and over 44,000 remain in the metropolitan area. Though the amount is far less than the $650 million requested by the city earlier this year, Mayor Adams praised the work of New York’s Congressional delegation in securing these funds. Mayor Adams noted that the city expects to spend over $4.3 billion through June 2024, and called on the federal government to expedite work authorization for asylum seekers.

NYC Council Passes and Introduces Legislation

Last Thursday, the NYC Council convened a Stated meeting, where they passed and introduced multiple pieces of legislation. The Council passed legislation establishing an Office of Healthcare Accountability, which will provide recommendations relating to City healthcare and hospital costs. They also passed a bill formalizing a curbside composting program for all city residents by fall 2024. The Council introduced legislation that would prohibit employers from entering into non-compete agreements with employees, and a bill requiring the Parks Department to create an Urban Forest Master Plan. You can find all of the bills that were passed and introduced here.

Appointments to New York State Court of Claims

Governor Hochul announced 11 appointments and four reappointments to the New York State Court of Claims. The class of appointments also includes the first openly transgender male appointee in American history, Seth Marnin.


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