New York Note – Remote Work Pilot, Mayoral Appointments, Power Players

October 30, 2023

Remote Work Pilot Expanded for Non-Unionized Employees

Mayor Adams announced the expansion of the remote work pilot for non-unionized city employees. This follows a remote work pilot, which was implemented with DC37 as part of the union’s renewed contract with the city earlier this year. The pilot will be offered to approximately 16,500 employees, allowing eligible staff to work up to two days a week remotely. This pilot will last for two years.

Office of Equity & Racial Justice and Commission on Racial Equity

Last Thursday, Mayor Adams announced two appointments to his administration. Sideya Sherman has been appointed as NYC’s Chief Equity Officer and Commissioner of the new Mayor’s Office of Equity & Racial Justice (MOERJ). Additionally, Linda Tigani will serve as Chair and Executive Director of the New York City Commission on Racial Equity (CORE). Both MOERJ and CORE were created by voters as part of 2022 racial justice ballot proposals. Tigani and Sherman currently hold leadership positions in the Adams administration.

PoliticsNY Power Players in Public Relations and Lobbying

Katie Schwab has been recognized as a Power Player in Public Relations & Lobbying by PoliticsNY & amNY Metro. The list honors New York’s leaders in PR and lobbying, who guide clients to success in the city’s public and private sectors. Schwab, Co-Chair of the New York Practice, noted that integrity, consistency, attention to detail, and strategic thinking are factors that drive success in this field.


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