News in New York – City Legislation, Congestion Pricing, Cannabis Licenses

May 15, 2023

NYC Council Passes and Introduces Legislation

Last Thursday, the NYC Council convened a Stated meeting, where they passed and introduced multiple pieces of legislation. The Council approved legislation that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of a person’s height or weight. A bill was also passed requiring annual reports on medical care for incarcerated pregnant individuals. Legislation was also introduced to require a fair housing plan from the City every five years, including an analysis of long-term citywide housing needs and production targets. You can find all of the bills that were passed and introduced here.

Congestion Pricing Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has released the Final Environmental Assessment for the Central Business Tolling Program. The Federal Highway Administration’s draft finding is “no significant impact.” This indicates a near final approval of the tolls. The exact cost of the tolls must now be recommended by the Traffic Mobility Review Board and approved by the MTA Board. The MTA is currently considering seven scenarios charging between $5 and $23 to drive in the congestion zone.

Additional Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

Last Thursday, cannabis regulators in New York State issued 50 additional licenses for Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (CAURD). 215 licenses have now been awarded since the beginning of the market. The Office of Cannabis Management also released its Social and Economic Equity Plan, and announced additional steps that will be taken to crack down on illicit cannabis shops.


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