News in New York – Containerized Trash, Dispensary Licenses, Right to Shelter

October 17, 2023

DSNY Will Require Small Residential Buildings to Containerize Trash

DSNY Commissioner Tisch and Mayor Adams have launched a plan to containerize waste in buildings with nine or fewer residential units. Beginning in fall 2024, these buildings will be required to place their trash in secure containers, similar to rules currently in place for businesses. This covers 95% of residential buildings and approximately 40% of residential trash. DSNY also launched a request for proposals for development and design of official NYC Bins. The full proposed rules are available here.

Cannabis Dispensary Licenses Open

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management has opened up license applications to all businesses, two years after the state legalized cannabis. There will be a two-month window for businesses to apply for a state license to operate dispensaries; previously, retail licenses have only been issued to social equity applicants. Officials expect to issue between 1,500 and 2,000 licenses in the first wave of applications. Currently, less than two dozen legal dispensaries are open throughout the state.

Governor Hochul Supports Suspending Right to Shelter

Governor Hochul has formally backed the Mayor’s effort to suspend the Right to Shelter. The Governor’s attorney reported that the state is “in support” of the city’s push, in a letter addressed to Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits, who is overseeing the case. The letter described the request to modify the right to shelter as “measured and appropriate.” In response to the Mayor’s announcement, advocates have recently formed NY Sane, dedicated to stopping the city from ending or eroding the right to shelter.


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