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December 19, 2022

Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul Launch “Making New York Work for Everyone”

Last Wednesday, Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul released “’New’ New York: Making New York Work for Everyone.” The plan consists of a set of 40 proposals, designed to serve as a road map for the city’s future. Some of the areas of action include redeveloping Midtown and other business districts for more flexibility, increasing housing and access to jobs, and making childcare more affordable and accessible. The “New” New York Leadership Steering Group will be leading implementation of the plan. The full plan is available here.

City Council Housing Plan

City Council released the “Housing Agenda to Confront the City’s Crisis” last Thursday. The agenda focuses on building and preserving more affordable housing throughout the city. Alongside this plan, Speaker Adams announced that the Council intends to pass legislation establishing a citywide Fair Housing Framework. The framework would include goals for each community district, in order to ensure that each neighborhood is building affordable housing. The full agenda is available here and the Planning and Land Use Toolkit is available here.

In-State SUNY Tuition for Asylum Seekers

The State University of New York (SUNY) announced that in-state tuition rates will be extended to asylum seekers and refugee students. The Board of Trustees approved this new policy last Tuesday. Students from 16 nations will be eligible to receive this tuition benefit, and it is expected to impact over 300 students currently attending SUNY institutions. This policy is the first of its kind for SUNY.

Rose Christ Named Among 2022 City & State New York’s Responsible 100

Rose Christ, Co-Chair of the New York Practice Group, has been honored as part of City & State New York’s 2022 Responsible 100. This list features socially responsible leaders who are committed to assisting their neighbors and changing New York.


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