News in New York – NYC Redistricting Maps Approved, Judge Blocks Portions of Concealed Carry Law, Asylum Seeker State of Emergency

October 10, 2022

NYC Redistricting Maps Approved by Commission

Last Thursday, the New York City Districting Commission voted to approve the revised City Council maps and send to the NYC Council. The nearly unanimous vote (13-1, with one Commissioner absent) comes after last month’s failed vote last month, although the maps are very similar to ones rejected. In the newly approved maps, part of Staten Island shares a district with South Brooklyn, and Roosevelt Island is included in a Manhattan district rather than Queens. The Council can now either approve the maps or request additional changes. The maps must be finalized by the Commission by December 7. Once finalized, the new lines will be used for the upcoming 2023 Council elections and will go into effect on January 2024.

Federal Judge Blocks Significant Portions of NY’s Concealed Carry Law

Last Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Glenn Suddaby blocked significant portions of New York’s new gun control law. The order paused a requirement that concealed carry applicants prove “good moral character,” which Judge Suddaby deemed too subjective. Applicants will also not be required to submit their social media profiles for review. Judge Suddaby struck down the implementation of some gun-free zones, such as subways and Times Square, but temporarily maintained gun-free zones in schools, courts, and polling places.

Mayor Adams Declares Asylum Seeker State of Emergency

Last Friday, Mayor Adams issued an Emergency Executive Order declaring the asylum seeker humanitarian crisis a state of emergency. He has directed all city agencies to coordinate efforts to respond to this crisis and quickly construct Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers. Since May, over 17,000 asylum seekers have been bused to New York City and NYC’s shelter system is at almost 100% capacity. Mayor Adams also called for emergency financial relief from the federal government and the New York State Legislature, noting that the City has is on track to spend $1 billion on sheltering asylum seekers by the end of this fiscal year.


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