News in New York – State of the City, Asylum Seeker Plan, Delivery Worker Wage

March 13, 2023

Speaker Adams Delivers State of the City Address

Last Wednesday, Speaker Adams delivered her second State of the City address. She focused on “People Over Everything” and outlined several proposals on economic mobility, fair housing, and healthier, safer neighborhoods. The policy proposals included investments in programs for occupations with staffing shortages, land use and economic development strategies to support industrial development, and a Fair Housing Framework. The full speech can be found here, and a report on the State of the City proposals is available here.

Mayor Adams Unveils “The Road Forward”

Mayor Adams has released “The Road Forward: Blueprint to Address New York City’s Response to the Asylum Seeker Crisis.” The report outlines the next phase of the city’s approach to the asylum seeker crisis, including the formation of the Office of Asylum Seeker Operations (OASO), which will focus on coordinating resettlement and legal services. The city will also be piloting a job training program for asylum seekers and creating a 24/7 arrival center.

Minimum Wage for App-Based Food Delivery Workers

Under the city’s minimum wage law, New York City app-based food delivery workers will make at least $19.96 per hour by 2025. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is looking to begin the wage increase at $17.96 per hour this year, and will include an adjustment for inflation by 2025. However, the city previously committed to $23.82 per hour in November 2022, creating a controversy for advocates of the increased minimum wage. There will be a hearing on the proposed rules on April 7.


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