Beltway Briefing Podcast

Beltway Briefing Special Edition: Primary Elections In Illinois And New York

July 8, 2022

June’s primary calendar came to a close on June 28 with five states – including Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah – holding key contests. In Illinois, all six statewide offices were up for election, including an open race for secretary of state after a long-time incumbent announced his retirement and a competitive Republican primary for the opportunity to challenge Governor Pritzker. Additionally, redistricting of state House, state Senate and U.S. congressional maps led to several retirements and competitive primaries. Meanwhile, voters in the Empire State picked their candidates for governor come November, potentially setting the stage for the first female elected governor in the state’s history, and cast their ballots in other statewide races – for lieutenant governor, state attorney general and state comptroller. Primary races for the state Assembly and judicial delegates were also on the ballot. Due to redistricting litigation, primaries for Congress and the state Senate were pushed to Aug. 23. Public Strategies’ Chicago-based Matt Glavin and Pat Carey are joined by their New York City-based colleagues Rose Christ and Jamie Ansorge to break down the key races and discuss the potential national implications of the primaries in Illinois and New York.

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