Beltway Briefing Podcast

‘twas The Night Before The Election

December 20, 2020

‘Twas the Night Before the Election -by Howard Schweitzer ‘Twas the night before the election when all through the land, Not a Trumpster was mailing, not even by hand; Democratic ballots were sent by the thousands with care, In hopes that Joe Biden soon would be there; The Democrats assumed the elections was theirs, With visions of Chuck and Nancy passing mores CARES; But out in the country, Republicans arose with a clatter, Other than Joe Biden, their votes surely did matter; Away from DC the Donald will go, The future is looking much like Obama 2.0; In 2021, the White House will be redecorated and life will renew, But no Mark, contrary to your predictions, the country’s not blue; Let’s get rid of Covid and put it out of reach, And say goodbye to Donald and his solution of bleach; We wish you happy holidays and hope you come back for more, No, not you Donald, it’s not yet ‘24.

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