Susy Forbath

Regulatory and Government Relations Professional

Santa Monica

About Susy

Susy is instrumental in the firm’s Land Use, Manufactured Housing, and Cannabis practices. Susy plays a strategic role in obtaining clients’ land use approvals and entitlements from all state and local agencies, providing guidance and advocacy to ensure that client positions on legislative and land use matters receive the attention they deserve from decision-makers and stakeholders.

Working with real estate investors, developers, and the manufactured housing industry, Susy focuses on regulatory compliance and working to obtain favorable decisions from governmental agencies on property rights and entitlement issues. She works closely with associated engineers, appraisers, lenders, and California agencies including the Department of Housing and Community Development, the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Bureau of Real Estate, and the California Coastal Commission.

With her focus on the land use regulatory and governmental approval process of development, Susy works with administrative agencies, legislators, and all commissions and boards of local government to ensure that client’s goals are met and projects completed as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. She oversees local lobbying efforts, conducts community meetings on numerous issues, and interfaces with homeowner associations and city representatives to develop mutually beneficial working relationships between all parties.

Susy coordinates public relations campaigns and works to provide news media with current and accurate issue and project related information.

In addition, Susy is actively involved in local and statewide legislative advocacy to protect property owners’ rights. She has co-authored articles on subdivision, fair return, conversion legislation, and the ill-effects of rent control. Susy is also active in several state and national industry associations.