The NYC Mayoral Race – A Deep Bench of Candidates Vie for the City’s Top Job

June 16, 2021

Ken Fisher discusses the race to elect a new mayor who will lead the city forward in Cooperator News New York. Though the current Democratic and Republican candidates have not yet said much to directly address the needs and concerns of the condo and co-op ownership community, they have addressed other relevant issues such as taxes, crime, and necessary changes to fight climate change. Ken discusses how he divides the candidates, made up of approximately a dozen Democrats and the two Republicans, into three tiers.

According to Ken, on the Democratic side, “The front runners are Eric Adams, Katherine Garcia, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, and Andrew Yang. A second tier consists of Sean Donavan, Ray McGuire, and Dianne Morales – they were credible candidates out of the gate, but didn’t really catch on. The final group was largely unknown to begin with and remains so.”

On the Republican side are radio host and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa and businessman-activist Fernando Mateo. “No disrespect to Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Matteo,” Ken adds, “but the chances of a Republican being elected are slim.”

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