Illinois Insights: An Update from Cozen O’Connor (5/17)

May 17, 2024



Illinois legislature approves measure to amend state biometric privacy law

“The Illinois House passed legislation aimed at reining in the potential for runaway damages under the state’s biometric privacy law Thursday, more than a year after the Illinois Supreme Court suggested the legislature revisit the law,” by the Chicago Tribune.

Pritzker expresses need to spread money around as groups fight for limited state funds 

“Gov. JB Pritzker reiterated the state needs to share limited available funding resources among many priorities as the governor and legislature get inundated with several high-profile funding requests at the same time they try to finalize a tight budget. Legislators are hoping to finalize the Fiscal Year 2025 budget by next Friday,” by The Daily Line.

County board calls on state to pass One Fair Wage; County passes Morita’s Asian American data inclusion requirement measure

“The Cook County Board of Commissioners approved two measures Thursday, one to call on the state to eliminate the tipped wage and the other to mandate more comprehensive data collection practices for the county’s Asian American population,” by The Daily Line.

New watchdog nominated to oversee Cook County government

“After a lengthy and largely behind-the-scenes search, Tirrell Paxton, a deputy at the county’s Office of the Independent Inspector General, was formally unveiled as a special selection committee’s pick for the office’s new leader,” by the Chicago Tribune.

Plan requiring school vendors follow statewide literacy standards heads to Pritzker’s desk

“A plan heading to Gov. JB Pritzker’s desk would require school vendors and learning partners to comply with the state’s new comprehensive literacy plan,” by WAND TV.


Mayor Johnson commits to sustainable development in bi-national pledge

Mayor Brandon Johnson announced Wednesday that he and the mayors of Montréal, Québec City, and Milwaukee had all signed a bi-national pledge “to transform the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin into a thriving blue-green economic corridor.”

The pledge includes initiatives such as building clean and accessible waterfronts; implementing renewable energy and prioritizing the expansion of water-borne commerce, mobility and tourism.

The business roundtable featured leaders in the sustainable development, transportation, water management, and clean energy sectors with an interest in investing or expanding in Chicago.


Housing committee delays vote on reauthorization of CHA grievance hearing agreement over accountability concerns, lack of hearings

“The City Council Committee on Housing and Real Estate approved a measure Wednesday to tweak language in the Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) to specify the ways developers must comply with the requirements of the affordable housing law. But the housing committee postponed a vote on an ordinance that would have continued an agreement between the city and Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to allow the CHA to utilize city hearing officers to adjudicate matters raised through its tenant grievance process,” by The Daily Line.

CPS, CTU converge on Springfield to ask lawmakers about more money for schools

“CTU members took buses to the state capital and split into groups to meet with legislators and make their case for additional funding as CPS faces a nearly $400 million budget deficit for next school year and some schools are reporting cuts,” by the Chicago Sun-Times.


Cozen Currents: A Shotgun Marriage of Bipartisanship

The House of Representatives in the 118th Congress has acted more like a parliamentary government than a majoritarian institution, an unusual set-up that may be destined to repeat itself if neither party can win a large majority come November.

While not the dominant electoral economic issue, housing costs are receiving increasing attention among policymakers, with lawmakers and President Biden eyeing proposals to lower them.

Electric vehicles are on the precipice of joining other consumer items as objects whose existence is intrinsically tied to political identity and the culture wars.

Read the Cozen Currents article here.

Beltway Briefing: “It’s All About Clicks & Eyeballs” 

As Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to oust Speaker Mike Johnson through a motion to vacate, Democrats calculated that the public’s frustration with Washington’s dysfunction could harm their electoral prospects. Meanwhile, at the forefront of the campaign trail, the competition narrows between Biden, Trump, and the couch. From the hush-money trial to college campus Israel-Hamas protests to concerns about the economy and immigration, voters who harbor discontent toward both candidates, often termed ‘double-haters,’ face a pivotal choice. Featuring Public Strategies’ Howard Schweitzer and Kyle Anderson.

Listen to the Beltway Briefing here.

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