Broad Street Brief: Council President Clarke Introduces New Legislative Map

January 27, 2022

City Hall

Council President Clarke Introduces New Legislative Map

new district map for City Council was introduced by President Darrell Clarke, which makes some small adjustments to districts based on population changes. The new map is required after 2020 census data was released and the map is subject to public hearing before adoption. After hosting a hearing yesterday afternoon, City Council’s Committee of the Whole will be in recess until February 2nd. It is expected that a map would have to be approved on that date to ensure City Council passes a new map by the February 12th deadline.

Councilmember Bobby Henon Resigns, Replacement Election to be Scheduled Soon

Former City Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon resigned last week, about a month before his sentencing. With his 6th District seat now vacant, political leaders from his district will convene for an internal primary to choose a candidate to replace Henon, with final say on who replaces him left to voters.

Council Moves to Remove Genered Language from Home Rule Character

Majority Leader Cherelle Parker introduced legislation last week to remove gendered language in Philadelphia’s Home Rule Charter. In certain areas, the charter uses “he” when referring to specific positions, which would be changed. This follows similar action by council in 2019 to discontinue the use of “councilman” in favor of “councilmember.”

Council Looks to Tax Credits to Incentivize Fire Escapes

City Council will consider a proposal to give property owners business tax credits if they install fire escapes or ladders. As written, homeowners would need to get installation plans approved by the Department of Licenses and Inspections and an “engineer or qualified professional.”

City Falls Well Short of Water Main Replacement Goals

After a series of high-profile breaks, Philadelphia Water officials say the department is far behind on its goal of replacing at least 40 miles of water mains a year. While officials say there is not a specific cause behind the lag, they say increased funding from the federal infrastructure could help replace the mains that are most at risk of failure.

City’s Employee Vaccine Mandate Delayed Indefinitely

City officials say they will delay implementation of the employee vaccine mandate indefinitely after the four major employee unions each sought different agreements over the mandate.


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