Broad Street Brief: FY25 Budget Hearings Come to a Close

May 3, 2024

City Hall

Parker Admin Working to Establish Fairmount Triage Center

The City is reportedly working with service providers to open a triage center in Fairmount for individuals experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders, with the goal of providing short-term care and connecting people with long-term treatment options. Though details remain unclear, the Philadelphia Nursing Home, which closed in 2022, is being considered as a location.

City Council to Consider Changes to School Board Nomination Process

City Council will investigate the process of appointing School Board members — and whether members should be elected instead. Despite City Council’s rejection, Joyce Wilkerson was sworn in with Mayor Cherelle Parker’s other Board of Education appointees Wednesday morning. The mayor defended her School Board nominee to City Council on Tuesday, emphasizing the need for collaboration and continuity in moving the city forward.

Mayor Parker Modifies Campaign Housing Plan

Mayor Parker’s campaign pledge to construct 30,000 new affordable housing units has evolved to encompass the construction or renovation of 30,000 homes of various types, including privately built and government-funded units.

FY25 Budget Hearings Come to a Close

This week’s hearings on the School District and Community College of Philadelphia marked the end of FY25 budget hearings. In addition to the hearings, City Council has been hosting town hall meetings across the city for the past month to gather resident input on Mayor Parker’s $6.29 billion budget proposal. Participants expressed concerns regarding abandoned cars, affordable housing, pre-K education, and pedestrian safety.

Upcoming Committee Hearings

Philadelphia City Council holds several public hearings throughout the legislative calendar year. Watch here.

  • Rules Committee hearing on Friday, May 3 at 11 a.m. will feature testimony regarding a zoning ordinance.
  • A Committee of the Whole hearing on Monday, May 6 at 10 a.m. will feature consideration of the FY25 Capital and Operating budgets.
  • An Environment Committee hearing on Wednesday, May 8 at 10 a.m. will feature examination of progress made since introduction of the Philadelphia Urban Agriculture Plan and next steps to create an implementation strategy to meet the goals of the plan.

Around Town

SEPTA Unveils Final Bus Revolution Proposal, City Council Vote Expected Soon

SEPTA unveiled its final Bus Revolution proposal Monday, boasting a 30% increase in route frequency and a simplified network following extensive feedback from the public and City Council. The plan may be approved as soon as this month.

CCD Suggests Embracing City’s Post-Pandemic Reality

In addition to highlighting downtown’s vital role in increasing residential growth, office occupancy challenges, and retail renaissance, the Center City District’s (CCD) latest report recommends that the city embrace its new post-pandemic reality and focus on making progress.

PHA to Take Over Germantown Settlement Properties

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) is set to take over the long-abandoned residential properties from the defunct nonprofit Germantown Settlement, a decision met with mixed reactions from the community. Though some have expressed skepticism about PHA’s management capabilities, proponents cite PHA’s recent successful initiatives and potential to swiftly address the dire need for affordable housing in the area.

City-Owned Buildings Now Run 25% on PA Solar Power

Philadelphia now sources approximately 25% of its municipal buildings’ electricity from solar power, with the recent completion of the Adams Solar Farm near Gettysburg providing enough energy to power over 17,000 row houses. This marks significant progress towards the City’s goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity within the next six years.

Election Update

Incumbent Rep. Brown Declares Victory in PA-10

State Rep. Amen Brown (D-Philadelphia) declared victory in a tight Democratic primary race for the 10th House district, securing a third term representing his West Philadelphia constituents.


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