Broad Street Brief: Upcoming City Council Hearings

October 13, 2023

City Hall

A New Flag for Philadelphia?

Last week, Councilmembers Mike Driscoll (District 10) and Jimmy Harrity (At Large) introduced a resolution to create a task force to redesign Philadelphia’s flag.

Upcoming Committee Hearings

Philadelphia City Council holds several public hearings throughout the legislative calendar, which can be viewed here.

1.  A Committee on Streets & Services hearing on Tuesday, October 17 at 10 a.m. will feature discussion of proposed ordinances relating to parking, sidewalk cafe encroachment, automated red light enforcement systems, and more.

2.  A Committee on Children & Youth hearing on Tuesday, October 17 at 1 p.m. will evaluate the existing support services of Early Childhood Education and Pre-K centers and providers, and will examine their role in addressing childhood poverty and their promotion of the future academic success.

3.  A Committee of the Whole hearing on Wednesday, October 18 at 10 a.m. will consider an ordinance to establish salaries based on an annual compensation plan in the Philadelphia Code.

Election Update

Meet Republican Mayoral Candidate David Oh

Former Councilmember David Oh is in the unenviable position of running for mayor as a Republican in a heavily Democratic town. Oh hopes that his unconventional politics and diverse coalition will help him overcome the odds in November.

City Council Election 101

Need a refresher on who is running for City Council and how the November election will work? Billy Penn has you covered.

Around Town

Philadelphia Has Fewer Airbnb, VRBO Offerings in Wake of New Regulations

Since new short-term rental regulations went into effect earlier this year, customers of apps like Airbnb and VRBO are finding fewer and fewer offerings in Philadelphia, according to research by Deckard Technologies.

Philadelphia Serves as Backdrop for Several Recent Political Events

Recently, Philadelphia has served as the backdrop for numerous important political events including the Working Families Party’s (WFP) first-ever national convention; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign announcement; Governor Josh Shapiro joins a rally in support of Israel; and President Joe Biden’s upcoming and eighth visit to tout Bidenomics.

PPA Executive Director Lazer Aims to Revive the Agency’s Reputation

Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Executive Director Rich Lazer joined City & State Pennsylvania for an interview and discussed his quest to improve the agency’s public image, which had been previously mired in controversy.

Suburban Spotlight

Delaware County Democrats Recommend Ousting Three Republican Judges

In a departure from politics as usual, Delaware County Democrats are recommending that voters remove three Republican judges from the County Court of Common Pleas in November.


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