Broad Street Brief: Year-Round School Pilot to Begin This Fall

June 27, 2024

City Hall

Newest City Council Members Discuss First 6 Months in Office

Freshman City Council Members Nina Ahmad (At Large), Rue Landau (At Large), Nicolas O’Rourke (At Large), and Jay Young (District 5) discussed their first six months in office with Billy Penn. The four council members also shed light on their potential plans for the future.

Year-Round School Pilot Beginning Fall 2024

Philadelphia officials will be introducing year-round school opportunities at 20 schools during the 2024-25 school year, including free before- and aftercare programs, with the goal of transitioning these schools to full-time year-round schedules by 2025-26.


Around Town

Police Commissioner Credits Federal Partners, Targeted Efforts for Drop in Violent Crime

Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel attributes the significant reduction in Philadelphia’s violent crime rates to targeted collaboration with federal partners and focused efforts in the city’s most crime-ridden districts.

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Coming Soon to PHL

American Airlines announced that it will open one of its most exclusive lounges at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in 2025. Philadelphia will join Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York in hosting an American lounge that features a premium wine table, a cocktail bar, shower suites, expansive seating, personal service, and chef inspired meals.

Bleak Outlook on Pediatric Mental Health Treatment Options in Philly

Thousands of Philadelphia children could be at risk of developing mental disorders, yet only 60 certified psychiatrists service the area. The 1,000-to-one ratio of potential pediatric patients to pediatric care providers highlights a growing concern that the children’s mental health crisis in Philadelphia will remain unaddressed.

Controversial Voucher Proposal Considered for Philly Public School Students

A voucher proposal making its way through the Pennsylvania state legislature will essentially use taxpayer dollars to send children attending underperforming Philadelphia schools to local private schools. However, critics fear that the proposal’s ambiguity could result in funds going to students attending well-performing schools.

“Jumpstart Germantown” to Optimize Philadelphia’s Affordable Housing Market

Jumpstart Germantown will prioritize eliminating blight and expanding workforce housing throughout city communities. With a focus on middle neighborhoods, the program will offer sixteen hours of real estate development instruction to residents who wish to source and finance properties.

Pregnant Philadelphia Mothers Might be Eligible for Guaranteed Income Program

Philly Joy Bank greenlit a guaranteed income program for pregnant Philadelphia mothers in an effort to enhance maternal and infant health outcomes. Selected mothers will receive $1,000 per month to cover a limitless list of expenses. The program will ultimately intend to combat racial disparities in infant mortality.

Election Update

Trump Campaigns at Temple; Addresses Rivals, Immigration, Crime

Last weekend, former President Donald Trump visited Philadelphia for a campaign event at Temple University, where he spoke about his political rivals, immigration policies, and sending federal law enforcement to combat violent crime in major cities like Philadelphia, if necessary.

Suburban Spotlight

What Does the Increase of Lyme Disease Cases in Philly Suburbs Mean?

Officials urge caution in evaluating Lyme disease case counts in and around the Delaware Valley. Although Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are all among the states with the highest Lyme incidence levels, experts claim that the increase in reported cases could be a result of diagnosis method rather than an increased level of disease transmission.

Parx Casino Purchases Old Hotel Space, Plans Renovations

Greenwood Racing Inc., Parx’s parent company, acquired a hotel in Bensalem. With plans to renovate the Inn at Fox Chase and open the property under a different name, Greenwood Racing has yet to provide further details. Questions continue to swirl about whether the newly renovated Bensalem establishment will be Parx’s long-anticipated luxury hotel that it had promised back in 2023.


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