Broad Street Brief: City Council Advances Streetery Bill

November 11, 2021

City Hall

City Council Advances Streetery Bill

A City Council committee advanced legislation to make some “streeteries” a permanent part of the city’s dining and zoning landscape. An amendment passed out of the Streets and Services Committee would allow streeteries in certain areas of the city to remain permanently. However, restaurants outside of the designated areas will have to get approval through the City Council legislative process. In addition, another bill that would allow all of the sidewalk cafes permitted during the pandemic to remain through 2022 was approved by the committee. A final vote on these bills is expected before the end of the year, ahead of when the temporary streetery provisions expire.

Region Expected to See Billions from Infrastructure Bill

The federal infrastructure package passed by Congress this week is expected to result in billions to the region, including significant funds to improve roads, bridges, and public transportation across southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read the full summary here.

Rat Infestations Targeted by New Bill

Spurred on by reports of major rat infestations at construction sites across the city, City Council is now moving to require developers to have a plan in place to detect and treat rodent infestations at their construction sites.

Philadelphia May Soon Cover Relocation Costs for Families Threatened by Violence

Families who face a targeted threat of violence from neighborhood gangs may soon be able to relocate free of charge after a $500,000 budget allocation was introduced to City Council.

New Legislations Gives Women and Minority-Owned Businesses Fair Opportunities in City Contracts

A bill passed unanimously by City Council will bring the city code in line with federal standards over the awarding of contracts to minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses (M/W/DSBEs), which will evaluate proposals to ensure M/W/DSBEs are providing “commercial use functions” and have fair access to city contracts.

ICYMI: Cheryl Bettigole Appointed Health Commissioner

Acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole will now get the position full time, the mayor announced last week. Since taking the position in May, Bettigole has overseen the city’s vaccination distribution program, as well as the arrival of thousands of Afghan refugees.

City’s New Tax System Goes Live

Philadelphia now has a new tax collection system, called The Philadelphia Tax Center, which replaces the 35-year old system of the past. The new system offers an online portal for taxpayers to view rates, as well as get assistance on their returns. It will be rolled out to include property taxes next October.

Philadelphia’s Holiday Celebration Will Return in Person

The Philadelphia Holiday Experience will return to City Hall this year in person, featuring performances and celebrations of winter holidays, as well as activities for visitors. It will also have a brand-new holiday parade, scheduled for December 4.

Council Hearings Ahead:

  • Friday, November 12 at 10:00am: The Committee on Labor and Civil Service will hold a hearing on the Philadelphia Pension Board, including a stress test on the Retirement System.
  • Monday, November 15 at 10:00am: The Committee on Rules will hold a hearing on the Mixed Income Neighborhoods Overlay district.


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