Broad Street Brief: “Mixed Income Neighborhoods Overlay” Bill Passes Out of Committee

November 18, 2021

City Hall

“Mixed-Income Neighborhoods Overlay” Bill Passes Out of Committee

A plan intended to protect the ability of low and moderate-income Philadelphians to live in their neighborhoods despite increases in property values took one step forward this week. The so-called “Mixed Income Neighborhoods Overlay” proposal would mandate a percentage of housing units of new construction in the 3rd and 7th Council Districts be designated as affordable for 50 years. The bill will be considered by the full council soon.

Region Expected to See Billions From Infrastructure Bill

The federal infrastructure package passed by Congress this week is expected to result in billions of dollars being directed to the region, including significant funds to improve roads, bridges, and public transportation across southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. According to the Wolf administration, $18 billion is allocated to the state over the next five years, including $2.8 billion for public transit and $100 million to expand internet access. Read the full summary here.

Trial Ends in Federal Bribery Charges Against Dougherty and Councilmember Henon

The federal trial over bribery charges ended this week, with union leader John Dougherty and City Councilmember Bobby Henon being found guilty on several charges. Dougherty resigned from his post at the helm of the local electricians union after the ruling.

City Awards $1.6 Million More in Community Anti-Violence Grants

A third round of awardees received over $1.6 million as part of the city-sponsored Community Engagement Grants, part of an effort to reduce gun violence in the city. With this award, over $6 million in grants have been distributed.

Chester County Launches Program to Target Homelessness

To tackle homelessness in the county, Chester County is launching a new program that will include community members and social work professionals. The county notes that many housing facilities are still not able to operate at full capacity, despite successive disasters removing people from their homes.

Deleware County Funds $4.7 Million for Greenways Project

Delaware County Council voted to provide $7.4 million for projects designed to improve greenspace countywide, more than the $5.5 million in funding expected. The county reported that 46 of 49 municipalities submitted project proposals to be considered.


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