Pennsylvania Perspective for Monday, April 22, 2024

April 22, 2024


Fraction of Population to Determine Control of PA Legislature During Tomorrow’s Primary

Pennsylvania’s highly anticipated primary is tomorrow, featuring races for president, U.S. House and Senate, and state-level positions including attorney general and treasurer. Pennsylvania’s lack of competitive legislative districts and closed primary system means a small minority of voters will effectively determine the outcome of General Assembly races, leaving the legislature’s control in the hands of a fraction of the population. Spotlight PA has more.

Automatic Voter Registration Policy Results in Fairly Event Split

Though some critics feared that Governor Josh Shapiro’s automatic voter registration policy would lead to an unfair Democratic voter registration advantage, recent numbers indicate a fairly even split among parties ahead of the Pennsylvania presidential primary. PoliticsPA has more.

Gov. Shapiro Pledges to Do “Everything in my Power” to Secure SEPTA Funding

During a Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia event at Drexel University last week, Gov. Shapiro pledged to secure funding for SEPTA to sustain operations. The governor proposed $161 million in his fiscal 2025 state spending plan to ensure service continuity and avert fare increases or service cuts. The Philadelphia Business Journal has more.

PA AG Charges Shell Pipeline With Chronically Underreporting Industrial Waste Spills

On Friday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry charged Shell Pipeline for underreporting spills of industrial waste during the construction of a pipeline from 2019 to 2020. The Allegheny Front has more.



Preliminary Inspector General Report Finds OHS Engaged in Questionable Financial Practices

Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services (OHS) overspent by millions, with leaders knowingly exceeding budgets and engaging in questionable financial practices, according to a preliminary probe by the City’s inspector general. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.

Philadelphia Voters to Decide on Indemnification, Defense for RCOs

Philadelphia voters will decide whether to provide legal protection to Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) involved in zoning variances, aiming to ease financial burdens and increase participation. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.



Allegheny County Council to Consider Legislation for Countywide Property Reassessment

Allegheny County Councilor Bethany Hallam will be introducing legislation for a countywide property reassessment, aiming to address inequities and establish criteria for future reassessments, following a Pittsburgh Public Schools lawsuit demanding overhaul of property values. WESA has more.

Tensions Flare During Pittsburgh-Area Commissioners Meeting

Washington County’s recent decision against allowing ballot curing for mail-in votes sparked tension during a commissioners meeting last week, showcasing the conflict between local governance and the need for consistent state laws, with concerns raised about potential disenfranchisement. The Center Square has more.

Infrastructure Money Potential Boon for Pittsburgh Region’s Workforce

Historic federal spending on infrastructure is driving economic development in the Pittsburgh region beyond bridge repair, broadening to natural resource restoration and workforce training, as highlighted by a report from ReImagine Appalachia. WESA has more.



U.S. Sen. Casey Discusses Legislative Achievements, Bipartisan Challenges

During a media availability over the weekend, U.S. Senator Bob Casey spoke with reporters about his legislative achievements, discussed bipartisan challenges in Congress, and expressed cautious optimism for the passage of foreign aid bills. PoliticsPA has more.

Conservationists Pushing for Reauthorization of New Farm Bill

Conservationists in Pennsylvania are advocating for the passage of the delayed 2024 Farm Bill, which includes funding for conservation programs, crop insurance, and SNAP benefits, with a particular focus on implementing the Inflation Reduction Act to invest $18 billion in climate-smart agricultural practices. WESA has more.

Beltway Briefing: Trump’s Criminal Trial: A “Stormy” Day in NYC

As norms and institutions encounter scrutiny, the political pendulum remains in motion, illustrated by the foreign aid discussion on Capitol Hill, the contentious discourse surrounding the Middle East conflict on college campuses and in major urban centers, and the unfolding of Trump’s first criminal trial in New York City. Listen to the latest episode featuring Public Strategies’ Howard Schweitzer, Mark Alderman, Patrick Martin, and Towner French here.


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