Pennsylvania Perspective for Monday, April 29, 2024

April 29, 2024


Location, Luck Likely Played Outsized Role in Low-Turnout PA Primary Races

Policy differences may have been overshadowed by factors like location and reputation in Pennsylvania’s row office primary elections, resulting in surprising wins amid low turnout. Notably, Erin McClelland’s upset victory in the Democratic state treasurer race and Eugene DePasquale’s decisive win in the Democratic attorney general race highlight the influence of regionalism and importance of name recognition. However, debates are expected to play a large role in the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and Republican challenger David McCormick. Spotlight PA has more.


PA Republicans Wrap Up Two-Day Post-Primary Statewide Bus Tour

Pennsylvania Republican candidates for statewide office embarked on a statewide bus tour following the primary election, focusing on a strategy of early intensity and unity and highlighting support received from former President Trump. The Pennsylvania Capital-Star has more.

Rep. Brown Likely to Hold Onto State House Seat

It seems likely that state Rep. Amen Brown (D-Philadelphia) will retain his 10th District state House seat in West Philadelphia, as he holds a narrow lead over progressive challenger Cass Green. The remaining ballots are unlikely to alter the outcome given the historically low voter turnout. Billy Penn has more.

How Snyder County’s New Election Director Successfully Navigated Primary

Snyder County has faced a fair amount of turnover in election directors in recent years, contributing to statewide concerns about increased errors. But current Director Devin Rhoads maintains a steady presence and optimism amidst the challenges of managing elections in the county. Spotlight PA has more.

PA House Republicans Remain Steadfast on Blocking Rep. Boyle’s Absentee Votes

State House Republicans remain firm in their stance against allowing the absentee vote of Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Philadelphia) to be counted, prompting Democrats to consider amending House rules for member incapacitation. The Pennsylvania Capital-Star has more.

IDAC Releases Plan for Distribution of Historic Public Defense Money

The Indigent Defense Advisory Committee (IDAC) has unveiled a noncompetitive grant program to distribute $7.5 million in public defense funding to Pennsylvania counties. Both urban and rural areas are eligible for substantial awards based on population, caseload, poverty rate, and pre-pandemic spending. Spotlight PA has more.

PA’s Innovation Economy Continues to Face Obstacles

Pennsylvania’s innovation economy — centered largely in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia — faces challenges in translating research strengths into widespread economic growth, with challenges including workforce shortages, regulatory hurdles, and a lack of incentives and investment, despite some progress in collaboration and workforce development efforts. The Center Square Pennsylvania has more.

Republic First Bank Closed by State Regulators

On Friday, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities closed Philadelphia-based Republic First Bank, the first U.S. bank failure this year, affecting about $6 billion in assets and $4 billion in deposits. CNN has more.



Mayor Parker Kicks Off Town Hall Budget Meetings

Mayor Cherelle Parker kicked off a series of town hall events to promote her budget proposal and familiarize residents with her administration, with the first event drawing more than 250 attendees in West Oak Lane. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.

Group Aims to Rebuild Historic Tun Tavern

The Tun Tavern Legacy Foundation plans to revive the historic Tun Tavern in Old City as a tavern, restaurant, and museum, with profits supporting charitable initiatives. Organizers hope to reopen the historic tavern in time to commemorate the U.S. Marine Corps’ 250th anniversary in 2025 or the U.S. Semiquincentennial in 2026. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.

What Philadelphia Homeowners Should Know About Water, Sewage Line Warranties

Homeowners throughout the region who are responsible for their underground plumbing are considering warranties like those offered by American Water Resources, which has been recommended by the Philadelphia Water Department for protection against costly repairs. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.



Pittsburgh URA closes on 100th Sale of Affordable Homeownership Program

The Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) OwnPGH program, funded by federal pandemic relief dollars, has successfully sold 100 homes to low-income buyers since its launch last year, providing up to $90,000 in grants for eligible home purchases. WESA has more.

Riverview Park Pittsburgh’s Third Nationally Certified Arboretum

Riverview Park has become Pittsburgh’s third nationally certified arboretum, reflecting intentional management and at least 25 publicly accessible tree species, following Mellon Park and Westinghouse Park. WESA has more.

Allegheny County Announces 100,000 Free Tickets to Local Attractions for Library Card Holders

Allegheny County’s Regional Asset District announced its “RAD Summer Staycation” program, which offers free admission to various museums and attractions for county residents with library cards, aiming to make cultural experiences accessible to all income levels. WTAE has more.


Beltway Briefing: Hold Your Nose & Vote

In recent years, the Philadelphia suburbs have emerged as a bellwether for presidential elections. With national voter enthusiasm at an all-time low, is the Commonwealth’s senate race overshadowing the presidential election? The fate of the nation hangs on the smallest shifts in historical voter demographics, encompassing critical issues such as the border crisis and the Israel-Hamas conflict. Listen to the latest episode featuring Public Strategies’ Howard Schweitzer, Mark Alderman, the Hon. Rodney Davis, and Kyle Anderson here.

Haley’s Performance in PA Primary Among Most Notable Heading into General Election Season

Nikki Haley’s notable performance in Pennsylvania’s Republican presidential primary race garnered attention from President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, with former Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania among her voters, signaling potential shifts in political dynamics. Heading into general election season, voters’ feelings on the economy may impact their ultimate choice for president. The Pennsylvania Capital-Star has more.

New EPA Regulations Reduce Carbon, Mercury, Various Other Pollutants Emitted by Coal, Gas Plants

Last week, the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized pollution rules for natural gas and coal-fired power plants, including limits on carbon dioxide emissions, which could impact Pennsylvania’s energy sector and potentially suppress demand in other states. The Allegheny Front has more.


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