Pennsylvania Perspective for Thursday, January 26, 2023

January 26, 2023


Hopes of Bipartisan Cooperation Give Way to Complete Deadlock in the Pennsylvania State House

The Pennsylvania House has adjourned until late February, which will be after a few special elections in Allegheny County that are expected to give Democrats a one-seat majority in the chamber. Spotlight PA has more.

House Republicans Announce Its Caucus’ Committee Chair Assignments

Today, House Republican leadership announced its assignments for Republican committee chairs for this session. However, the House still does not have rules established that formalize the committee make-ups and processes. Read the press release here.  

Tax Caps Leave Many Pennsylvania Municipalities With Few Ways to Raise Revenue

Pennsylvania municipalities that do not have home rule charters are unable to increase several types of taxes independently beyond limits established in state law from the 1960s. This has forced many municipalities to rely on property taxes to increase revenues. Spotlight PA has more.

Bipartisan State Panel Issues New Report Aiming to Clarify Main-In Ballot Rules

A bipartisan research group within the state legislature has issued a report regarding mail-in ballots this week. The report recommends the General Assembly should change the law to clarify date and signature requirements and other specifications about secrecy envelopes and drop boxes. City and State PA has more.

Pennsylvania Could Have Phone-Based Driver’s Licenses by 2024

Representative Dan Miller (D-Allegheny) is championing a bill that would legalize digital mobile driver’s licenses. Several other states, such as neighboring Delaware, already have digital driver’s licenses as options to residents. CBS News has more.



State Senator Vincent Hughes Will Not Run for Mayor

After speculation, yesterday Senator Hughes announced that he will not be running for Mayor. He has served in Harrisburg for more than 30 years and would have shaken up the already large field of candidates. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.



Pittsburgh City Council Ditches Youth Curfew Bill, Focuses on Opening Resource Centers

Yesterday, Pittsburgh City Councilmembers voted down a measure to reinstate the enforcement of a curfew for children. Instead, Council President Kail-Smith introduced a bill that focuses on resource centers. WESA has more.


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