Pennsylvania Perspective for Thursday, September 14, 2023

September 14, 2023


UPS Opens Fourth Largest Hub in the Country in Central Pennsylvania

Yesterday, UPS had its grand opening of its 775,000-square-foot facility in Lower Swatara Township. This is part of a larger $1.4 billion expansion across Pennsylvania; the site has created 1,700 new jobs and can process up to 87,000 packages per hour. Penn Live has more.

State Representative Solomon Announces Candidacy for Attorney General

State Representative Jared Solomon (D-Philadelphia) announced Tuesday that he will run in next year’s election for Pennsylvania attorney general. Current Attorney General Michelle Henry, who was appointed by Governor Josh Shapiro to replace him in the role, has already indicated that she will not run for election to a full term in office. Solomon is now the fourth Democratic candidate to join the race. WESA has more.

Powell Has Financial Lead Over Autenreith in State House Special Election

According to new financial numbers, Democratic candidate Lindsay Powell has a sizable financial advantage over Republican Erin Connolly Autenreith going into a special election next week to determine the 21st House district seat as well as control of the state House. WESA has more.

Republican Lawmakers Plan to Introduce Bills to Improve Prison Security

Following the recent escape and manhunt of Danelo Cavalcante, along with several other jail escapes, state Republican lawmakers are planning to introduce a set of bills to improve prison security, infrastructure, and staffing. WESA has more.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Stricter Gun Laws 

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard arguments on a case involving a 1974 firearms preemption law that prohibits local jurisdictions from passing stricter gun laws than those that exist at the state level. The Court will determine whether the case should go to trial. PoliticsPA has more.



New Data Shows Philadelphia Remains the Poorest Big City in America

Data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that while Philadelphia’s poverty rate is the lowest it has been in nearly two decades, Philadelphia is still the poorest big city in the nation. The 21.7% poverty rate highlights stark differences between racial groups. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.

SEPTA Resumes Bus Revolution Public Hearings 

Testifying before the Pennsylvania House Transportation Committee on Tuesday, SEPTA CEO Leslie S. Richards told state lawmakers that people should prepare for $3 SEPTA fares and a 20% cut in service if the state doesn’t allocate more money for public transit. The authority projects a $240 million annual deficit starting in July 2024. The Philadelphia Inquirer has more.



Pittsburgh City Council Passes Measures Protecting Gender-Affirming Care 

Pittsburgh City Council this week unanimously passed two ordinances designed to protect gender-affirming care, including by keeping Pittsburgh healthcare providers safe from out-of-state investigations. WESA has more.

Pittsburgh Construction Begins to Connect Three Rivers Trail, Riverview Park

On Monday, the first phase of construction began to slow down traffic and connect bicyclists on the Three Rivers Trail to Riverview Park, with upgrades to include more visible sidewalks, arrows to indicate traffic patterns, and speed bumps. WESA has more.



U.S. Supreme Court Will not Hear Pennsylvania Voting Machine Dispute

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an emergency bid from Republican election officials in Fulton County, Pennsylvania to hear a dispute over access to voting equipment after the 2020 election. PoliticsPA has more.

Sources Reveal McCormick to Announce Senate Run Later This Month 

Sources close to David McCormick have said the former hedge fund CEO is planning to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the next two weeks. PoliticsPA has more.


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